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Maybe b/w The Bookmobile (1993)

The Red Carpet Parlay of the Decade (1993)

The Apologetic Sound (1995)

For The Dead in Space (1997)

Pluperfect / The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1997)

Artwork for 'Maybe' single

Maybe b/w The Bookmobile

Little Voice (7" vinyl, LV001)
Recorded September 1992 and February 1993
at WGNS by Geoff Turner


Artwork for 'Red Carpet' CD

The Red Carpet Parlay of the Decade

Little Voice (CD, LV0417)
Recorded October 1993 at WGNS by Geoff Turner

  1. Orbits Dolores
  2. Non-Fiction County
  3. Afternoon Fever
  4. Lower 48
  5. The Crusades
  6. Ex-Friendville
  7. At Our Age


Artwork for 'The Apologetic Sound' CD

The Apologetic Sound

Little Voice (CD, LV0419)
Recorded April-June 1995 at WGNS by Geoff Turner

  1. Halfway House
  2. You Let Me Believe
  3. Risk-Free
  4. Every Turn of My Heart
  5. Is It Because of My Voice?
  6. Good For You
  7. Reverse Psychology
  8. Sonny Sixkiller


Artwork for 'For The Dead In Space' LP

For The Dead In Space

Interpretations of the work of Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine
(Various Artists)

Magic Eye Singles (LP/CD, MES012)

(Track 6)
Recorded Spring 1997 in Potomac, MD with Antony Dennison
and at WGNS with Geoff Turner
Mixed Spring 1997 by Antony Dennison and Geoff Turner at WGNS

  1. Tono-Bungay - Morning Song/Footnote
  2. Flying Saucer Attack - Space (The Man Who Fell To Earth)
  3. Metronome - Green And Blue
  4. Fit & Limo - Surrealist Waltz
  5. Carl Edwards - There Was A Man
  6. Townies - (Oh Dear) Miss Morse
  7. Masaki Batoh - Images Of April
  8. Alchemysts - Drop Out!
  9. Damon & Naomi - Translucent Carriages
  10. Bevis Frond - Lepers And Roses
  11. Kitchen Cynics - Stardancer
  12. Tower Recordings - I Saw The World
  13. Shy Camp - Love/Sex
  14. Mourning Cloak - I Shall Not Care
  15. Tom Rapp - Hopelessly Romantic
  16. Half Calf with Plexorjet - For The Dead In Space
  17. Shy Camp - Another Time


Artwork for 'Pluperfect' CD     Artwork for 'Brotherhood' CD


The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Little Voice (CD, LV0420/LV0421)
Pluperfect: Recorded and mixed by Geoff Turner at WGNS May 1997
The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters:
Recorded and mixed by JHIII, Hebron, IL, December 1996

  1. Firewall!
  2. You Appear Changed
  3. Jewish Rock Star
  4. Silvertank Gravy Hijack
  5. How Children Learn Mathematics

  6. Firewall (Destructed)
  7. Carol's Time & Place
  8. Columbus Proper
  9. Footnote 4


All songs published under Secret Mall, SESAC.

Townies is Michael Kentoff, Matthew Byars, and Greg Jones.

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