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*   19 August 1996: A Brief Commentary on Our August Tour

(photo of marquee at Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO)

     What makes a tour successful? We believe it depends upon point of view.

     On one hand, we made buckets of money. On the other hand, we had very small buckets.

     And we did play to capacity audiences - - that is, audiences with the capacity to come out and see us perform.

     But when it came to sightseeing dozens of cities over two weeks, meeting a lot of friendly people, living on pizza (and living through fast food), putting up with a heat wave, and making it back home in one piece, we made out like bandits.

     And we learned a valuable lesson -- that which doesn't kill you, makes you confused and irritable (apologies to Nietzsche).

     Our thanks to the staff at the following clubs:

     Also, thanks to the folks at the record stores we performed in:

     Thanks to the dozens of bands we met and played with on the tour, including fellow DC bands Corm, Chisel and Regulator Watts.

     And special thanks to Smart Went Crazy, with whom we shared shows, equipment, conversation and company.

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