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*   11 Feb 1999: Winter's Surly Arrival

     Whoever said that March was the worst month of the year was either headed home after a three-month hibernation in the Sunbelt, or not a fan of college hoops. But that's beside the point. For ice-slipping, power-crippling, flu-catching excitement, make ours January.

     Anyone who knows us knows how often we take Nature to the mat in the pursuit of pop music. Often we come up with the win, as in our early days when we blissfully ignored the Curse Of Evening Showers And/Or Thunderstorms that seemed to dog us. Or three years ago, which saw us playing a dream-show in New York with Miracle Legion, only to undergo a seven-hour slog back home through what became known as the Blizzard of 1996.

     But it's those mean old ice storms that beat us time and time again. We had scheduled the January 8th weekend in Ohio with our colleagues Orchestraville months before the East Coast got hammered with freezing precipitation. We watched the extended forecasts with shielded optimism all week long, only to end up with the same sense of foreboding one gets prior to a gloved medical exam. No music would be performed by us that cold, cold weekend.

     And then there's the little things that get you during winter. Specifically, the microbiological infectious things. A bout with illness left Matt in a weakened state (no offense meant to Kentucky) just days before we were to host Orchestraville at Galaxy Hut January 23rd. Fortunately, ace drummer/grad student Tony Dennison came to our rescue. With two days' wood-shedding, and a welcome assist from guitarist Don Campbell, we managed to come up with a remarkably band-like creature in time for the show. In fact, it resembled Townies so much, the aforementioned COESA/OT dropped by for a visit. Memo to Chris, Dave and Keith: Next time it rains or snows on us, try to look surprised.

     It's a wonder we don't move to a safe place in Florida for the winter.

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